5 Letter Words with S _ _ R _ in Them – Wordle Game Help

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via The New York Times online

Doctor Strange might be the Master of Mystic Arts, but the title of Wizard of Wordle he is yet to have bestowed upon him.

Wordle does have a magical aura still over the internet, seducing our attention spans once every 24 hours. Searching, probing for answers, we put out our blind guesses and seek to secure a priceless victory. The satisfaction of a win and being able to boast to your friends has made Wordle so popular.

But sometimes you’ll need more than just probing. Needing help is never something to be ashamed of, and here’s a few gentle tips and tricks to send you on your way.

5 Letter Words with S _ _ R _ in Them

There’s a strong array of potential combinations, with over 50 answers.

  • saury
  • scare
  • scorn
  • scurs
  • shark
  • shirk
  • shorn
  • skirt
  • slurp
  • smarm
  • smirk
  • snort
  • sorry
  • spare
  • spark
  • spire
  • sperm
  • stark
  • stern
  • stork
  • storm
  • story
  • swarf
  • swirl

A good way to look at this duo is to think heavily about adjectives and adverbs, essentially any descriptive words. An evergreen Wordle tip is to expand your vocabulary as much as possible by reading and even just browsing through a thesaurus.