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5 letter words with S as the fourth letter – Wordle Game Help

Wordle's daily challenges continue to capture the public's imagination, and here's a few kind tips to help you on your way.

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Much like Marvel’s Thanos, Wordle is inevitable. Millions flock to the the browser-based game each day to mount the summit that is the New York Times word challenge.

Five letters, one word. The gauntlet is thrown down every 24 hours, sparking a new pandora’s box for users to unlock. The journey of discovery with each Wordle has become the new pub talk, with everyone keen to get a win.

Here’s a few helpful suggestions to get you on your way to that scrumptious dub.

5 letter words with S as the fourth letter

Depending on your dictionary of choice, there are just over 500 words which feature “S” as its penultimate letter in a 5 letter word.

  • abash
  • amuse
  • avast
  • abyss
  • brass
  • burst
  • chasm
  • crisp
  • dross
  • exist
  • feast
  • guest
  • guise
  • heist
  • hissy
  • kiosk
  • manse
  • masse
  • moist
  • newsy
  • plasm
  • pulse
  • sense
  • smash
  • spasm
  • sudsy
  • toast
  • torso
  • worse
  • yeast

Broadening your vocabulary is always good with Wordle, as it allows you to not only remember words you know, but add new tools to your belt for each daily challenge. The use of “S” in the fourth letter of a word is fairly diverse, but it is typically followed by a vowel after it.

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