5 letter words with T as the fourth letter – Wordle Game Help

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Image via The New York Times online

When Luke Skywalker is learning the ways of the force in Star Wars, Yoda offers him a series of riddles and idioms. But those all pale in comparison to the real-life Wordle.

Every 24 hours, the internet’s Yoda (The New York Times) challenges us Luke Skywalkers to a find a five letter word before the six guesses run out. It’s an exhilarating thrill each morning, and has become part of our daily routine.

Luke needed help on his Jedi journey, so why shouldn’t you get some for Wordle?

5 Letter Words with T as the Fourth Letter

There’s a solid number of potential answers, with over 800 instances of “T” as the fourth letter in a five letter word.

  • abate
  • amity
  • azote
  • beats
  • berth
  • bitty
  • busty
  • cents
  • chute
  • cysts
  • dusty
  • earth
  • girth
  • halts
  • hefty
  • hoots
  • jetty
  • jilts
  • junta
  • klutz
  • loath
  • monty
  • musty
  • north
  • omits
  • pasty
  • potty
  • quote
  • rusty
  • sects
  • smith
  • tasty
  • twits
  • waltz
  • zesty

It’s always a good idea to expand your vocabulary, so each given day you have an advantage over your friends and colleagues. Reading as much as possible and taking note of synonyms for words will help you in the daily quest to get the Wordle correct.