5 Letter Words with U and N as Third and Fourth Letters – Wordle Game Help

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via The New York Times online

A big part of Wordle‘s viral appeal is that it is easy to learn and hard to master. While it may seem easy on paper, some Wordle puzzles are tricky. In fact, many of the puzzles feature some uncommon letter combinations, forcing you to think outside of the box if you want to best your friends and co-workers. 

Nowhere is this better seen than words with U as the third letter and N as the fourth letter. While UN is a common prefix and suffix, it is uncommon to find it inside words. Especially inside five-letter words. Making this an extremely tricky letter combination. 

But don’t fear. If today’s Wordle has you grinding your teeth in frustration, here is a collection of 40 words that might save your current attempt. 

Words With U and N As The Third And Fourth Letter

  • blunt
  • bound
  • brunt
  • chunk
  • clung
  • count
  • daunt
  • drunk
  • fauna
  • flung
  • flunk
  • found
  • gaunt
  • grunt
  • haunt
  • hound
  • jaunt
  • mound
  • mount
  • plunk – the sound made by abruptly plucking a string of a stringed instrument or by playing it badly. 
  • pound
  • prune
  • round
  • sauna
  • shunt
  • skunk
  • slung
  • slunk
  • sound
  • spunk
  • stung
  • stunk
  • stunt
  • swung
  • taunt
  • trunk
  • vaunt – boast about something excessively.
  • wound
  • wrung
  • young