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In the Star Wars prequels, the Jedi learn there is always two: a sith, and an apprentice. But in some Wordle challenges, there is only one (vowel).

The challenge from The New York Times gets reset every 24 hours, with players from across the globe rushing to one-up their friends and colleagues and get a scrumptious win. The inherent challenging nature of the game can lead to frustration, so here’s some help to send you on your way.

5 Letter Words with U as the Only Vowel

It’s a truly beautiful vowel, used in a good portion of words as the single vowel. Here’s a smattering of them, in different types of words.

  • bluff
  • blunt
  • buggy
  • crust
  • curvy
  • drunk
  • duchy
  • dusky
  • flung
  • fully
  • grunt
  • gulch
  • humph
  • husky
  • jumpy
  • lunch
  • mucky
  • pluck
  • pudgy
  • rugby
  • rusty
  • shrug
  • skulk
  • slung
  • uncut
  • usurp

With a quality range of different types of words, one of the best things to do can be to just throw a word at the wall and see which letters stick around the one you’ve already got.

Expanding your vocabulary is always a good idea, and there’s a lot to be learned by just reading and browsing through dictionaries, thesauruses, and books.

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