5 New PlayStation 5 Game Covers Leaked By Amazon

PlayStation 5

In light of Microsoft’s long-awaited release date and price reveal for the Xbox Series X, the pressure is now on Sony to follow suit for the PlayStation 5. If current rumors are to be believed, the platform holder is gearing up to make an announcement within the next few days and a leak earlier today could well be proof that one is imminent. Discovered by users over on ResetEra (H/T, VG247), cover art for five PS5 games have surfaced online, all of which were previously confirmed back in July.

Amazon Australia is the source of this particular accident and it appears the retailer has since removed all of the images in question from public view. Fortunately, ResetEra user Toumari anticipated as such and managed to grab screenshots of all five before they disappeared.

Check them out for yourself in the gallery down below:

A welcome development, then, though in the case of Demon’s Souls, Destruction All-Stars and Gran Turismo 7, the art shown is described as not final. That doesn’t necessarily mean that what you see above and what’ll be lining shelves later this year will be completely different, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see some change in the interim. Gran Turismo 7, especially, could do with being swapped out for something more eye-catching.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Returnal, on the other hand, aren’t labelled as such, suggesting that box art for both has already been locked in and that production has already begun. Sony has yet to confirm the launch day games lineup for PlayStation 5, of course, but it’s looking increasingly likely that all of those shown in today’s leak will either be exactly that or arrive not long after.

Stay tuned for further developments.