505 Games Set To Publish Three One Zero’s ADR1FT


505 Games, the publisher behind acclaimed titles such as Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons and Payday 2, is adding another promising title to its stable with ADR1FT. The space flavored game is the first to be developed by independent studio Three One Zero.

A self-called First-Person Experience (FPX), ADR1FT tells the story of an astronaut stuck in space following the destruction of a space station. With a battered EVA suit and no memory, the astronaut must figure out what caused this catastrophic event that killed everyone else on board and safely return home.

Founded in 2013, Three One Zero is the creation of Omar Aziz and Adam Orth, who many remember for his social media outburst regarding the always online nature of the Xbox One last April. Interestingly enough, ADR1FT‘s themes of consequence and redemption serve as a unique parallel to what Orth has gone through in the past year. Having moved on from that disaster, though, both he and Aziz are excited about their partnership with 505 Games.

“From the very beginning, Ian Howe and his team have passionately understood the game Omar and I are trying to make. They have empowered us with the freedom to explore and create something special with ADR1FT, both traditionally and with VR technology. It’s clear from games like Payday 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and some of their upcoming titles that 505 is not afraid to take chances and give gamers something fresh and new. That’s important to us. That’s what we’re all about. We’re excited to be part of that.”

The potential is there for ADR1FT to be something rather special. It features an interesting setup for a game and as long as Three One Zero doesn’t insert aliens or some other type of creature into the mix, this could be one of the more unique titles to come out in recent years.

Currently without a release date, we hope to learn more about ADR1FT and Three One Zero in the coming months.