Quantum Break Has Received Its First Major Update (On Xbox One)

Quantum Break_REVIEWS_Screenshot 12

If you’ve tried to play Quantum Break recently, then you’ve likely noticed that the game has received a relatively major update. If not, let this be your warning that the next time you attempt to load the game you’ll be looking at downloading said patch.

This update – which addresses a whole host of glitches and other problems – will apparently also address the issue that saw players lose their save data. On top of that, it’s said to fix the cloud saving glitch that originally affected the game.

There’s a lot more to this major Quantum Break patch, however, as you can see from the following list of fixes:

Act Fixes/Updates

Act 1 Part 1: Fixed a rare instance of taxi being missing from the intro cinematic
Act 1 Part 2: Fixed assets disappearing if players backtrack
Act 1 Part 2: Fixed an issue where players could not kill the guard in the parking lot
Act 1 Part 3: Fixed backtracking issues where some parts could unload
Act 1: Fixed overlapping audio in opening cinematic
Act 2 Part 1: Fixed Nick pathing issues
Act 2 Part 1: You can no longer get underneath the puzzle at the security station
Act 2 Part 2: First Chronon source renders properly
Act 2 Part 3: Added collision on time machine corridor to prevent player’s accidentally falling to their death
Act 2 Part 3: Fixed backtracking issues where some parts could unload
Act 2 Part 3: Fixed rare NPC issues where Amy or Nick could be killed or block the door
Junction 3: Fixed Hatch being hidden if the user skips a future vision too quickly
Junction 4: Fixed flickering environment outside office building
Act 5: Fixed last subtitle going by too quickly to read
Act 5: Fixed missing line in Portuguese audio in a cinematic

General Fixes/Updates

Fixed issue where ambient sounds disappeared when mashing buttons during a cinematic
Removed unnecessary loading screens showing up
Updated credits
World no longer visibly unloads after Jack lets Beth and NPC into the Swimming Pool front door
Amy no longer remains still and without pathing towards gate in train yard
Fixed Jack’s subtitles not showing in some cinematics
Unlock descriptions for Will Diary 1 and Will Diary 2 are no longer reversed
Fix for blinking lights, where flares would blink excessively bright after resuming from suspend mode
Fixes for making Xbox Live integration more fault-tolerant
Remedy logo fix*
Fix for a rare bug that accidentally wiped progress after completing the game
Fix for some TV screens sometimes showing a really grainy image
Fixed circular progress bar alpha in the junction stats screen
Fixed video playback not always ending if the video was synced to audio
Fixed two rare instances of stalls when loading
Fixed a rare crash with the video texture system
Fixed crash in download menu when switching profiles
Fixed “Waiting for install to complete” text not being localized when changing the language
Game/story/collectible progress hero stats no longer display incorrectly when player has less than a percent of progress
Fixed rare instances of cloud saves failing and causing loss of progress

Although this patch is Xbox One exclusive, Remedy is also hard at work on improving the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break.

Tell us, have you been enjoying the game so far? Sound off below and let us know.