Talk Like A Robot Thanks To The Saints Row: The Third Platinum Edition

The Saints Row series has been known to never skimp on the unique when it comes to special edition content. So, why should its third outing be any different?

Prank call fans everywhere will be overjoyed to hear that the Saints Row: The Third Platinum Edition will ship with a “custom molded Saints Row headset” with a vocoder voice processing feature. It’s inspired by the game’s premier pimp Zimos, who has had a tracheotomy and is forced to speak using a voice box.

It’s a really cool idea and would be much more so if it allowed you to talk to friends on XBOX Live and PlayStation Network using a robotic voice. However, it’s not compatible with those devices, using a standard 3.5mm audio jack. It’ll work with your smart phone though. Not that we condone such foolery.

Rounding out the Platinum Edition’s contents are the game, its soundtrack and the previously announced Professor Genki Hyper-Ordinary Pre-Order Pack. It will be available on November 15.

There’s certainly no doubting that the folks over at THQ and Volition think outside of the box. This is one of the more creative editions of a video game that I can remember and it will surely please fans.

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