6 Characters I Want As DLC For Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Despite the fact that Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 releases tomorrow, I’m already thinking about the characters I want them to release as DLC. While the roster for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 may already be pretty full that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some more obscure fan favorites to make their may into it via the wonders of DLC. So here are 3 Marvel fighters and 3 Capcom fighters that while they may not be in the main game I hope become available for all those willing to pay for them.


Ghost Rider

This character has been asked for by a niche group of fans for years (me included) and I think it’s finally time the Spirit of Vengeance got the chance to participate in this most royal of rumbles. Not only does he already have a great melee move set involving his chain and good old fashioned actual street fighting but utilizing his fiery powers you have the necessary abilities to creates some great projectiles, ultra combos, and all other crazy BS  the VS series is known for. Imagine him summoning his bike and rushing through the enemy or getting up nice and close and executing a Penance Stare and simply devastating the opponent. It’s also important to note that he apparently shows up in the background of one of the stages already in MvC3, so come on Capcom stop tempting us and just let him loose.


Now a lot of you I’m sure have absolutely no clue who this guy is and honestly that’s fine, he’s an obscure character Marvel only really uses when things get really weird but he would be an amazing fit for this game. He’s big but seeing as he’s made pretty much entirely of swamp muck he’s also really malleable making him a mix of the Hulk and Dhalsim. That’s just his physical form though, he also has the power to make anybody who holds any fear in their heart at all burn at his touch which could easily make for some fun special moves. But what kind of ultra-combo would he have? Well how about engulfing his foe and encapsulating them in his body mass burning them to a blackened fear tinged crisp. Sure sounds like fun doesn’t it, well let’s hope Capcom thinks so as well.

Dr. Strange

It honestly really weirds me out that this character isn’t already in the game as two of his biggest nemeses already are. Both Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath have gone toe-to-toe with the former Sorcerer Supreme multiple times in the past and he’s contained them both. Of course that was back when he was still Sorcerer Supreme (for those who don’t regularly read comics he was dethroned recently), now he’s just an everyday Sorcerer. You might think that means he’s not as good a candidate as he used to be but now he doesn’t have to follow the rules of the Sorcerer Supreme meaning he can let loose his abilities and fight as dirty as he wants. While there isn’t really anything super unique about his abilities that would make him play different than someone like Phoenix/Jean Grey, his story connections and the stuff he could do for ultra combos would make him more than worth playing.


Gene from God Hand

The game already sports characters from the other two games from now defunct studio Clover so why not put in the Fist of the North Star wannabe Gene from their third game, the oft underrated God Hand. Not only is his whole thing ridiculously over the top hand-to-hand combat but his irreverent style and ridiculous finishing moves would more than make him fit into a cast with characters like Deadpool and Viewtiful Joe. Not to mention with him in the game you could field a team of Clover all-stars; using him, Viewtiful Joe, and Amaterasu you could truly show your love for awesome indie game icons. Also and I warn that this may not be for everyone his ultra combo would undoubtedly be him kicking someone in the nuts making their faces go a hilarious shade of mauve.

Strider Hiryu

Another fan favorite left by the wayside is Strider Hiryu of Strider fame. He’s been in the last two games and for some reason Capcom decided leave him out of this one. Oddly enough he’s probably better known for his times as an MvC fighter than for his actual games from back in the 90’s. He’s already got a good move set and bringing him into 3D might finally revive his long dead franchise.

Phoenix Wright

Like Ghost Rider this is a fan favorite people have been asking for but unlike Ghost Rider they almost got it. Phoenix was intended to appear in the NTSC version of  Tatsunoko VS Capcom but to disdain of many fans he was removed from the North American release due to balance issues. He only really has one move, yelling his catchphrase “Objection!” at people, but with some reworking he could prove to be an incredibly fun joke character similar to the way people enjoyed using Dan or the Servbots in MvC2. Most importantly he would provide MvC3 with something it’s been missing, a character designed purely for levity. Not everyone who enjoys fighting games is into the tournament scene or cares about balance especially with the VS series. What some people want is just seeing characters who shouldn’t be fighting beating the snot out of each other and to laugh their heads while doing it; few other characters would fill that role better than everyone’s favorite put upon lawyer, Phoenix Wright.

Who would you like to see included as DLC?