The 6 Most Controversial Video Games Ever Made



If you’ve never played Carmegeddon then just picture Twisted Metal, except in this game you run over pedestrians at high speed, painting the road red with their insides. To the surprise of no one, the game was met with outrage by parents and politicians when it debuted way back in 1996.

With graphics that are blocky and pixelated by today’s standard, Carmegeddon probably isn’t half as violent as several recent titles that have breezed through certification in terms of actual aesthetic. Yet, there is something inherently sinister about running over pedestrians for entertainment, and perhaps many felt it would lead to kids hopping into their parents vehicles and extending the fun to real life, because… you know, video games do that to people, right?

Carmegeddon was initially censored in many western countries, including the UK where humans were replaced with zombies and the red of their blood was switched to green in an attempt to make the game lest gruesome in principle.