7 Big Announcements We Want To See At PlayStation Experience 2016


Sony’s First Party Studios To Impress Us


From a pure gaming perspective, Sony’s conference at E3 was among the best ever. After Microsoft dropped Scorpio, Sony needed something huge, but nothing could have prepared us for a sizzle reel of outstanding software that completely knocked them out of the park.

So, now it’s time to for Sony to back that up with some more concrete information, footage and release dates for titles such as Days Gone, Detroit Become Human and God of War. The future of PS4 looks firmly built around quality content, so we’re hoping that Sony’s first party studios turn up and treat us all to a further glimpse of the system’s most promising exclusives.

Certainly, God of War would be right up at the top of most PlayStation fans’ wish list of games to see at PSX, and we can’t wait to learn what direction Sony Santa Monica have taken with regards to gameplay. From what we’ve seen so far, God of War looks as though it’s toning down the series’ trademark linear hack and slash and modernizing to a more measured open world adventure game. At this point, though, it’s all conjecture.

Please Sony, put us out of our misery!

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