A Christmas In Games?

First up I would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas, I hope everyone is eating lots of food, spending quality time with friends and family, and generally feeling festive. For me Christmas runs over into the week leading up to the new year, and I have to be honest, I love it. Now for a lot of families, a big part of Christmas is the giving and receiving of gifts, and as I figure all of us here are gaming enthusiasts I felt it would be fitting to ask folks what gaming-related  presents they got/gave this Christmas.

This is assuming of course that SOME of you are still finding time to browse on the web in this busy week (I get the distinct and haunting feeling that by the time you all come back, no one will have read this…hmmm…oh well…worth a shot eh?). So we want to hear if you were lucky (and loud) enough to have your partner wrap up GT5 for you, or perhaps that copy of Black Ops you’ve been eyeing sneakily on the shelves? Maybe you were ‘nice’ enough to give your sister the limited edition version of the new Need For Speed…and then take ‘ownership’ of the game when she looked baffled *clears throat guiltily*.

I will confess that my gaming habits and tastes turn all romantic around the Xmas week; I always seem to find myself firing up games that I haven’t looked at in years and getting lost in the echo – y chambers of now forgotten virtual spaces. Spending some snippets of time with the currency of nostalgia, whilst intermittently weaving in and out of social gatherings. Has anyone been a total humbug this week, and locked their attentions up in some sort of online multiplayer? It’d be a real shame if you had…but we’d understand *hastily quits wager match*.

Once again many Christmas greetings from the team, and please feel free to share your celebratory gaming crusades and highlights….if you can manage to tear yourself away from that box of mince pies… I don’t know about you, but my copy of Vanquish is covered in crumbs.