A Dark Universe Debuts In Inner Chains Gameplay Trailer


Inner Chains was announced a fair while ago, but today a new gameplay trailer has emerged to demonstrate just what the horror FPS title will offer its players. The trailer comes as the Kickstarter project and Steam Greenlight campaign both begin, so it’s great to see the mechanics in action.

Inner Chains is a FPS horror game set in a dark and deadly bio-mechanical world that resembles nothing you have ever encountered. In the world of Inner Chains, you don’t get to set the rules. You are just a small part of a hostile, unwelcoming universe. If you want to survive, the only thing you can do is to try to discover its secrets. You have only one goal: to get to a mythical place called the Last Hope and try to leave this sick, degenerated, dying planet once and for all. It’ll quickly become apparent, however, that this may not be so straightforward after all.

After the popularity of the game’s announcement, Telepaths Tree decided to focus entirely on the development of Inner Chains and have set about building something even greater than what they initially thought possible:

Our plans regarding Inner Chains’ scale were less ambitious when we first started working on the project than they are now. But then the game announcement went live and the amount of positive feedback we got motivated us massively and gave us an additional boost… Our main goal will allow us to polish some new, additional in-game elements that will make Inner Chains a truly outstanding experience.

Telepaths Tree have a meagre target of just $10,000 to complete Inner Chains, and you can check out their progress right here. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight if you like what you see in the trailer above.