A Great Adventure Is Afoot In New Trailer For Crytek’s VR Game Robinson: The Journey


A great adventure is afoot in the enticing new trailer for Crytek’s VR title, Robinson: The Journey. It’ll launch exclusively for PlayStation VR later in 2016.

Once thought to be a multi-platform release, Robinson thrusts players onto the harsh plains of a remote alien planet after their space vessel crash lands. Cast astray with only a robot companion for company, the snippet above essentially begins when you make the ill-advised decision to open the door of the ship, stepping foot on a world populated by towering dinos.

The official logline for Robinson: The Journey pitches Crytek’s VR experience as “a first person sci-fi adventure game developed by Crytek, exclusively for PlayStation VR. Assuming the role of the lone survivor of the spaceship Esmeralda, which has crash landed on a mysterious planet, players will become truly present in beautifully rendered landscapes and feel the scale of dinosaurs as they can in no other medium as the power of CRYENGINE and VR combine to deliver deep immersion and innovative gameplay.”

Crytek will whisk players into a fantastical and primordial world brimming with dinosaurs when Robinson: The Journey arrives for PlayStation VR later this year.