A New Patch Is Bringing Stunt Races To The Crew: Wild Run


The patch notes have been revealed for the upcoming update for The Crew: Wild Run, and it’s been confirmed that a new game mode is inbound as well. A new type of race is heading for the Summit, where players will compete to set high scores against each other using motorbikes.

These stunt races, as previously discussed by Ubisoft, will employ the Dirt and Raid motorbikes from the games roster of vehicles. The goal will be to achieve the highest score possible under the constraints of an allotted time, by performing jumps, flips and various other gravity-defying tricks. The timer only applies when you hit an available ramp, meaning you can really work out a tactical approach before starting your ascent.

Ubisoft have confirmed the following for this latest patch for The Crew: Wild Run:

  • Camera mode
    New camera options, specially designed for video makers, will be available in Freedrive. This feature can be used solo or in a crew, giving the possibility to be the cameraman or assign the role to other crew members while driving.
  • Freedrive challenge – Save and share
    After creating a Freedrive challenge race or speedtrap, players will have the ability to save and share them with other users in and outside the game.
  • Summit Stunt race missions
    A new type of race is coming to the Summit, where players, using motorbikes, will have to set the highest scores by performing all kind of stunts.

Fixes have also been introduced to stop spectators for whole races getting rewards at the end as well as tuning for the drift specs of each vehicle to make them more accessible. You can see the full patch notes at the official site.

Check out a trailer for the new Summit stunt races above and dust off your old dirt bike to get ready for The Crew: Wild Run‘s new patch.

Source: Ubisoft