A Unique Pumpkin Carving Game Is Going Viral Ahead Of Halloween

While the haunts and delights of Halloween films, decor, and baked goods are some of the best things about the spookiest time of the year, fans also love Halloween-themed games.

From your already loved games that have Halloween updates to games entirely focused on the Holiday—you can’t go wrong with scary entertainment. This year, we’ve played some new Halloween board games, revisited our favorite game system and mobile games, and we’ve recently stumbled upon a new game that’s taking social media by storm.

This Tweet from @adamgryu is just the kind of pumpkin-themed fun we were looking for, and we have a feeling you’ll agree.

To kick the game off, you select a pumpkin and head to the festival for a lot of great Halloween fun. You’re able to carve your pumpkin any way you’d like, and fans are really appreciative of this game. This year more than ever.

The link to find the game can be found below.

Some are sitting out usual pumpkin patch/festival activities; they’re still able to carve pumpkins and have fun with adorable characters.

Many fans of the game are happy to see it return once again.

Have you played this adorable pumpkin carving game before? Do you plan to make it a Halloween tradition from here on out? What is your favorite carving creation? Let’s talk about it.