AbleGamers Charity Introduces Expansion Pack Initiative To Bring Assisted Gaming To More Users



Renown charity The AbleGamers Foundation has introduced its new Expansion Pack initiative, a novel means of distributing assistive technology and specialized controllers to more players in need of support – and faster.

Having lent support to those in need for almost a decade, AbleGamers is the pioneering expert in innovating and distributing specially designed video game tools – from controllers to monitors – with today’s announcement of a flexible Expansion Pack opening up said tools to a bigger audience.

Per AbleGamers:

AbleGamers Foundation – the leading charity and organization dedicated to improving the lives of those with disabilities through the power of video games – is thrilled to announce today “Expansion Packs”, a new initiative born out of partnership with some of the video game industry’s biggest companies. Expansion Packs are filled with the best assistive technology and specialized controllers available, along with top notch video games and related swag. They are then delivered and installed in various locations that serve people with serious disabilities, including group homes, special needs daycare facilities and long-term living centers.

In rolling out the Expansion Packs, the company has already installed the device at the Pediatric Specialty Care in Hopewell, Pennsylvania, with early plans pitched to implement a similar set-up at the Pittsburgh facility.

For more information on AbleGamers, we encourage you to check out the charity’s official page for what is no doubt important and, in many ways, under-appreciated support.

Source: AbleGamers

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