Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Final Multiplayer Trailer Launches

The final launch trailer for the award winning (I always felt that was strange…getting the award before it is out but meh) multiplayer component in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood has been put up by Ubisoft. So far none of the trailers have actually featured any gameplay, but I’m sure everyone who is interested in this game has already watched beta videos on various place about the web-verse.

As always Ubisoft choose music to further cement the beautiful oxymoron of super advanced technology and the contemporary market it is opening to, and the picturesque Renaissance the game is actually half set in. It’s slick, its fun and by golly we’re watching it again (note some of the new characters pop up in the video).

The game comes out in only a few days and we can’t wait *cue red carpet*.

Who splashed out on any special editions?