Acclaimed Platformer Limbo Set To Creep Onto PlayStation 4



Having launched across Xbox 360 all the way back in 2010, Playdead’s acclaimed noir platformer Limbo has cropped up on seemingly every platform under the sun, including PlayStation 3, Steam, Vita, iOS, Android and even Xbox One over the past few years.

But one notable omission from this list is Sony’s PlayStation 4; however, if a recent PEGI listing proves to be true, those holding out to play the stark and striking adventure on the company’s current-gen system may be in luck.

According to the post, the application for certification was processed on January 1, though it remains to be seen exactly when Sony or Playdead plan to announce an official release date for the esteemed downloadable title.

To this day, Limbo still stands as one of the greatest and most unique games of the last generation, offering up a bleak yet engaging Tim Burton-styled world to get lost in. It’s unlikely that the studio will add much in terms of content to this as-yet-unconfirmed PlayStation 4 version, though it’s likely to get some revamped visuals in the process.

Aside from bringing Limbo to nine kinds of platforms, Playdead is also working on a new project called Inside, which will launch later this year as a timed Xbox One exclusive.

We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date with any of the developments regarding Limbo‘s seemingly imminent arrival on PlayStation 4.

Source: PEGI

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