Ace Attorney 5 Announced For 3DS

Popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has officially revealed a fifth entry in the popular Ace Attorney series. While the first four entries were on the original Nintendo DS, this latest title will be launching on the 3DS.

Series regular Phoenix Wright will return to the lead protagonist’s role, after taking a backseat to newcomer Apollo Justice in the last game. Notable features so far include a new female sidekick who will apparently replace previous assistants Maya and Trucy, as well as a switch to detailed 3D polygonal models instead of the 2D sprites used in previous games.

While the last game in the series, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, was never translated into English, Capcom representatives have confirmed that there are plans to bring Ace Attorney 5 to North America and Europe in the near future.

We’ll keep you updated on more news regarding the Ace Attorney franchise as it develops.

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