Action-Platformer Tinertia Pegged For Fall Release, New Trailer Showcases “Sonic-Like” Speed


What many consider to be one of the formative features in any platformer is quietly kicked to the kerb in Candescent Games and Section Studios’ upcoming genre piece, Tinertia, which incorporates the “premise of Quake-like fun and Sonic-like speed” without a jump button to speak of.

In the game, players will assume the role of Weldon, a budding robot equipped with nothing but a rocket launcher, which acts as your only means of traversal across the Tinertia‘s varied environments. As such, expect to have your reflexes tested as Candescent’s platformer will challenge you to judge the momentum, speed and trajectory of Weldon before making the jump. Alongside the reveal of the gameplay video above, the indie studio detailed some of the novel features that players can expect come release.

No Jump Button: Master the physics-based gameplay to control Weldon using his rocket launcher to achieve accelerated speeds and an infinite supply of ammo to propel him from puzzle to platform.
Seven Environments, 70+ Levels: Travel across seven differing environments and more than 70 levels to help Weldon reach the planet’s surface and escape the ARC.

Speed Runs: Challenge your best time with devastatingly fast runs through each level.
Rocket Challenges: Earn par for each level using a limited number of rockets.
#YOLO: Dodge treacherous obstacles and play through Weldon’s journey with only one life to earn a spot on the Tinertia leaderboards.
Ghost Runs: Players can select the top competitors’ best times and challenge themselves against a ghost Weldon to improve their skills and times.
Dynamic Replay Camera Angle System: This ability delivers the dramatic angles of every amazing run with enhanced zoom, camera speed options, and fixed angle features.

Going off of the clip embedded above, Tinertia appears to boast a welcoming sense of humor, too, and it’s understood that the developers behind the atypical platformer have built the title with the Twitch streaming community in mind. After all, what’s better than poking fun at your friend’s questionable platforming skills over the Internet?

Tinertia is slated to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the fall.