Activision Announces Two Very Mutant Release Dates

If you’re looking to destroy the world as Alex Mercer or test out your unique mutant powers, then we have some dates to mark on your calendar. Jump starting its presence at Comic-Con, video game publisher Activision has announced official release dates for two of its upcoming titles: Prototype 2 and X-Men Destiny.

Prototype 2 will cause ultimate destruction when it drops on April 24, 2012. It’s in development over at Radical Entertainment.

Those who are more into the heroic mutant side of things will be able to put their powers to good use on September 27. That’s the release date for X-Men Destiny, which was revealed at the end of a GameTrailers TV exclusive trailer. It’s currently in the pipeline at Silicon Knights and should certainly please fans of the popular superhero group.

If you’ve taken a trip down to San Diego this weekend, you’ll have the lucky opportunity to get some hands-on time with X-Men Destiny on the show floor. Although Prototype 2 will not be playable, Activision will be showing off fifteen-minute live stage presentations at their booth.

Check out newly-released trailers for both titles below.

Both games look quite interesting. Hopefully they deliver on their potential.

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