Activision Confirming They Want To Sell Bizarre Creations

In an interview with Industrygamers, Activision revealed that they are indeed looking to sell off the developers they purchased back in 2007 for a lot of money. They said Blur “did not find a commercial audience” and  admitted “[they] are exploring options regarding the future of the studio”.

With Bloodstone only just being released and the reviews coming in generally as average or dull, how will this affect the sequel that Bloodstone crudely hints at in the game’s final moments?

Bizarre are most famous in the gaming world for their very successful franchise Project Gotham Racing. So after many uncomfortable meetings, Activision will either tell the studio they have to cut back their staff, pull the plug on them entirely, or sell them off to another publisher.

It could be good news or it could be very bad news, but it certainly is going to leave a sour taste in team Bizarre Creations mouth.

They won’t be the first studio to be taking the hit as many company’s  have  had a bit of a shake up, and various ‘adjustments’.