Activision To Integrate Call of Duty Elite Into Next Call Of Duty

Speaking to Eurogamer, Activision producer Noah Heller revealed that the company plans to integrate Call of Duty Elite into this year’s Call of Duty title, with the goal being to make the successful stat tracking service “synonymous” with the game’s multiplayer modes.

“All we’re really saying about it at this point is integration is the word of the day. It needs to be in the game. It needs to be tightly wrapped with game features. And that’s our focal point… Long term, we’re making Elite and the game synonymous. If you want to play solo or single-player, you might never notice Elite. But the moment you dip your toe into multiplayer, you’re part of Elite. It’s just up to you whether you take full advantage of the features or not.”

Currently Elite works by having players access it though an out of game app, that must be downloaded and installed separately from Modern Warfare 3. This change would put Elite directly into the game, making the experience seamless for both the free and paid sides of the service.

The company is referring to the next version of Call of Duty Elite as “Elite 2.0“, and plans to launch the change with the next Call of Duty title, rumored to be Black Ops 2, later this year.