Activision’s Raven Software Hiring For Next Generation Development


New job listings at Raven Software (the developers behind 2010’s Singularity and an untold number of Call of Duty DLC packs) has revealed through multiple job listings that the studio is gearing up for the next generation of consoles.

Specifically Raven is searching for a senior lighting and senior environment artist to work on “an exciting next generation title”. None of the listings state exactly what the game is, however, another job opening mentions that an established team within the studio is currently developing a first-person-shooter. It is unclear if these different positions are related to the same project.

Whatever Raven Software is cooking up, the one thing that is clear is that the next generation Xbox and PlayStation are fast approaching. It’s a good bet that once we get past the upcoming Holiday shopping season Microsoft and Sony will be tripping all over themselves to see who gets to announce their next generation console first.

Source: VideoGamer

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  1. Chadsays:

    Singularity is a very good game, and one of this generation’s sleeper hits. It’s a shame it was so unappreciated.

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