ADATA Announces HD650X External Hard Drive For Xbox One



ADATA, the Taiwanese PC storage and memory manufacturer, has officially revealed a new external hard drive marketed specifically towards gamers. Known as the HD650X, it features a light green and black colour scheme and will offer two terabytes worth of storage, allowing Xbox One (and Xbox 360) owners to store a host of extra games.

Based on ADATA’s rugged HD650 external, the HD650X is designed with portability in mind. In fact, it’s built to be durable and shock resistant, to help benefit gamers who like to transport their games from place to place. It goes the extra mile, by incorporating cushioned mounting and a strong silicone coating in order to further protect it from such falls.

Of course, external drives like this one are a necessity these days, if you happen to play a lot of video games like we do. After all, the Xbox One’s internal drives only offer up to 1TB worth of storage, and the most common models are merely equipped with a 500GB variation. This makes storing even a decent amount of games hard, because many of the big guys hit at least 30GB in size.

The HD650X can be purchased through retailers like Amazon and Canada Computers, and will offer up to 5Gbps transfer rates via USB 3.0, which — as the press release states — could make its loading times faster in comparison to an Xbox One internal drive.

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