Adorned Playdead Platformer Inside Headed To PlayStation 4

inside logo

Exophase has unearthed a series of Trophies suggesting that Inside, the acclaimed sophomore effort from Limbo developer Playdead, is headed to PlayStation 4 later this month.

First released on Xbox One back in June, before being ported to PC one week later, Inside was tethered with a timed exclusivity agreement between Playdead and Microsoft. Although, it appears that red tape is actually much shorter than many had anticipated – unlike, say, the full year-long hold over Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Going multi-platform is clearly something that the studio has wanted to do from the off, telling Push Square at launch that: “Our goal is of course to get Inside into the hands of as many gamers as possible. But we can’t say anything about other potential platforms at this point.” PS4 users can now rest assured that they’ll get their hands on one of the finest titles of the year thus far.

As a matter of fact, it scored Top Honors in our review, too, with Shaan Joshi writing that, “Playdead’s Inside is one of those rare games that has to be experienced first hand in order to understand its importance. Rest assured, you’d be hard pressed to find another game that’s equally brilliant and beautiful.”

Look for Inside to scurry from Xbox One and PC to PlayStation 4 before the month is out.

Source: Exophase