Adult Swim Games To Publish ToeJam And Earl: Back in the Groove


While details are scarce for now, publisher Adult Swim Games has announced that they are set to publish the upcoming ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove, a brand new title from developer Humanature Studios. Set to release in 2017 on both consoles and PC, Back in the Groove is a re-imagining of sorts, taking the best that the first two games in the series had to offer, and mashing them up into a brand new adventure.

According to the game’s Steam pageBack in the Groove will feature nine playable characters, randomly generated levels, and a soundtrack that consists of remakes and new tunes (you can read a full list of the game’s features below).

  • Nine playable characters including: TJ and E, Latisha, Lewanda, GeekJam, Peabo, and Earl’s mom, Flo.
  • Randomly generated stacked levels, just like game one, but now you can see down!
  • Lots of secret locations (yes level 0 is there too!), and new terrain types.
  • A TON of funky music. 13 remakes of old favorite songs and 13 new songs in the same old skool funky style.
  • A dynamic split-screen for couch co-op play, as well as online play – supports up to 4 players!
  • Randomly generated, improved Hyperfunk Zone allows for multi-player co-op too!
  • A huge number of new presents, Earthlings, player character stats, character-specific dialogue, permanent power-hats, and many features that enhance cooperative play and make this the best Toejam and Earl yet!

You can also check out a teaser trailer for ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove above, which showcases both single-player and split-screen gameplay.