Adult Swim Games Showcases Six New PS4 Titles At Sony’s PlayStation Experience


Today’s PlayStation Experience brought with it several new looks at some truly eye-popping games. Not the least of these was Adult Swim Games‘ announcement that it will publish six new titles for the PlayStation 4 in 2016, all of which were shown together in one impressive trailer.

Primarily known for its television network, producing offbeat, irreverent cartoon shows, Adult Swim is now showing that it intends to bring that same wildly creative style to the world of gaming, teaming up with some largely unknown independent studios to do so.

There are more than a few intriguing games shown in the trailer. First up is Death’s Gambit, developed by White Rabbit, a side-scrolling Medieval adventure where you take control of an agent of Death. Then there’s Ray’s The Dead, developed by Ragtag Studio, a delightfully macabre puzzle game in which you control a pack of living cadavers as they run amok through the city. This was followed by Rain World, by Videocult, a survival platformer set in an industrial wasteland with heavy Limbo vibes.

There was also the competitive shooter Duck Game (already released on PC to overwhelmingly positive user reviews) and the exploration game Small Radios Big Televisions.

Last to be shown in the trailer was HeadLander, the new opus from Double Fine Productions, a studio who knows just the right way to mix the weird with the wonderful. The game’s a side-scrolling shooter with a 70’s sci-fi aesthetic where you take control of the disembodied head of the last human on Earth, attaching yourself via a futuristic helmet to different robotic bodies as you try and figure out what exactly happened to the human race.

Adult Swim Games have not yet mentioned specific release dates for any of the games announced, but you can expect to see them all arrive on the PlayStation 4 at varying points in 2016.