Affordable Space Adventures Gets Free Origin Story DLC


If you’re a fan of KnapNok Games’ Affordable Space Adventures, then you’ll be glad to know that additional content is coming to the Wii U exclusive. The space exploration game that turns the Wii U GamePad into a spaceship’s control panel will be receiving a new DLC pack called Origin Story on November 12. And the best part about it is that it will be absolutely free.

Featuring five new levels, the Origin Story DLC has been designed to test even the best of players. While the levels can be selected at any time from the difficulty select screen, KnapNok Games recommends that you only attempt the Origin Story once you’ve completed the main game.

Director Nicklas Nygren, who is better known under his developer name Nifflas, talked about why the DLC was made in the first place.

“We had lots of level ideas that were too difficult to implement as part of the main story,” he said. “Origin Story is our way of introducing some of these concepts to those who have already finished the game.”

KnapNok Games’ CEO, Dajana Dimovska, echoed a similar sentiment when explaining why the additional content was free:

“We heard a lot of people asking for more levels, so our hope is that this update will keep the game alive for them. Likewise, we expect new players to pick up the game after this update and enjoy taking it for a spin.”

The new content isn’t the only way that KnapNok Games are attempting to get new players into their Wii U exclusive, as they are also launching a two-week sale later this week. Starting on November 12, gamers can purchase Affordable Space Adventures at 20% off its standard price of $19.99.

It’s always great to see video games get support post-launch, and especially in the form of new content instead of bug fixes. This is an example of DLC done correctly, and if more developers follow suit, then maybe the acronym will induce less eyerolls from gamers every time it’s mentioned by a publisher.

Regardless, with the new content, and a sale to go with it, it seems like there has never been a better time to pick up Affordable Space Adventures.