Alan Wake 2 Reportedly In The Works Under Remedy And Epic Games

Alan Wake
Courtesy image via YouTube

A long-awaited sequel to one of Remedy’s most popular games could finally be in the works, though not without a catch.

For those that recall, the developer confirmed last year that its next project would be set in the same universe as 2019’s well-received Control. Jesse Faden’s infiltration of the eerie Oldest House in search of her brother already takes place in another well-established world built by the studio, of course, and it’s a follow-up to this that’s reportedly being created with the help of Epic Games. Despite being rumored for over a decade to be on the cards in one form or another, the author’s return has remained elusive, with Remedy’s stint as a first-party developer for Microsoft (Quantum Break) doing little to reassure fans that a second installment would ever materialize.

That all changes with today’s developments, however, as a reputable source is now claiming that Alan Wake 2 is not only being talked about in a serious manner, but being directly funded by an external entity with essentially limitless money, AKA: Fortnite‘s creator.

Alan Wake

According to Game Mess Show’s Jeff Grubb, the series, which is heavily inspired by the works of horror writer Stephen King, was the subject of a bidding war between multiple big-name institutions, one which Epic ultimately won. Rather than invest money into an IP with the intention of making it an EGS exclusive, though, Grubb believes that this particular deal will allow Remedy to release Alan Wake 2 on multiple platforms, presumably including consoles.

Whether this includes Valve’s Steam isn’t clear, and we’ll just have to wait and see how the situation unfolds over the coming months. Watch this space for further updates.