Alan Wake DLC Packs, The Signal And The Writer, Are Free On Xbox


If you own Alan Wake, but have yet to check out the game’s quality add-ons, The Signal and The Writer, then you’re in luck. Both are currently free to download on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, via Microsoft’s store.

With the recent release of Quantum Break — which includes free download vouchers for Alan Wake, its DLC and its Xbox LIVE Arcade spinoff, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare — it makes sense for Remedy and Microsoft to give these extras away. Not only is it good press, but it also generates more buzz about the talented developer, its great Alan Wake games, and Quantum Break, which is an ambitious, well-made and memorable title in its own right.

Note that both Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare are backwards compatible on the Xbox One. As such, it’s easy for those using Microsoft’s latest console to play through the games and this free downloadable content.