Alan Wake Remastered Announced

In a letter published on fan site The Sudden Stop, creative director of Remedy Entertainment, Sam Lake, has surprised everyone by announcing Alan Wake Remastered. Due this fall, the remaster will launch on PC via Epic Games Store, PS4 and PS5 as well as the Xbox family of consoles. All DLC ever released for the original and overhauled visuals capable of running in 4K will be included as standard.

What is Alan Wake?

Alan Wake

Lake was the lead writer on 2010’s Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake, a Kingian-esque horror mystery about the eponymous novelist who gets caught in the paranormal events of his own stories. In his letter, published on the studio’s popular fan site, Lake wrote:

This story and character were personal in many ways. Alan Wake, being a writer himself, gave me an opportunity to use what I do and love as a writer as an element in the story. Alan Wake also contained the mystery of forests and lakes, which are precious to me as a Finn. And, instead of a focused one-note horror fare, it was this strange, even wasteful mix of horror, humor and supernatural mystery.

We last saw Wake in the final DLC for Remedy’s 2019 critical darling Control. In the game’s crossover DLC – ambiguously titled AWE – protagonist Jesse Faden uncovers some of what’s happened to Wake and to Bright Falls since the conclusion of the game and strongly hints at future events bringing the two stories closer together.

Remedy promises more news for Alan Wake Remastered ahead of the game’s release this fall.