Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Developer Diary 2 Focuses On Surreality

Later this month, fiction will once again become perceived reality with the release of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare onto Xbox LIVE Arcade. However, instead of taking on an incredibly serious and somewhat realistic tone like its predecessor, the downloadable exclusive will be more like a pulp B-movie. In fact, the entire experience is based on Night Springs: a Twilight Zone style television show, which happened to be showcased in the writer’s last release. This is a show which Alan actually wrote a few episodes of before he moved onto novelized fiction.

All of the aforementioned context is explained by the team at Remedy Entertainment, within their latest developer diary for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. This time around, their roundtable focus is the game’s tone.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be released onto Xbox LIVE Arcade on February 22. It will be a part of the service’s House Party 2012 promotion.