Alfred Hitchcock’s Cinematic Masterpiece Vertigo Is Getting Its Own Video Game



Cinephiles rejoice: Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal psychological noir thriller Vertigo is receiving its very own video game!

Courtesy of Anumen Interactive’s publishing label Microïds, an agreement has been signed with Los Angeles-based Reeder Brand Management for the rights to the name and the likeness of the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. Further still, elements of his seminal 1958 film Vertigo have also been licensed out, though how they’ll translate into a video game is yet to be made clear.

Here’s the official word direct from Microïds:

Microïds has a long tradition of developing adventure games, and in this case, we’ll be taking one of the all-time classics from the Master of Suspense and merging it with Pendulo Studios’ expertise. We want to provide players with a video game that will become a classic of the genre.

After so many years of blending the language of cinema with that of interactive media, and after a bunch of thriller games in our catalog, it’s an honor and an exciting challenge to adapt Hitchcock’s masterpiece to a video game. We are working hard to meet the expectations of both players and moviegoers.

hitchcock Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo is a classic noir thriller that centres around a gumshoe investigator who suffers from acrophobia: an incapacitating fear of heights. Tasked with following a client’s wife up to the dizzying pinnacles across the city skylines, the detective must overcome his fear, though plenty of twists and turns await him, too.

As of yet, it’s still a little unclear as to how the moment-to-moment gameplay mechanics will play out here. That said, Microïds and collaborative developer Pendulo Studios’ pedigree is steeped in point-and-click adventure titles, so it’s safe to speculate that their upcoming Vertigo will be cut from a similar cloth. A hardboiled noir detective experience would definitely fit a point-and-click adventure template, that’s for sure.

Neither release date or platforms have been formally announced yet, but we’ll keep you updated as more information comes to light.