First Alien: Isolation Add-On Pack Is Out Today

Alien: Isolation

Just weeks after Alien: Isolation dug Amanda Ripley through hell and back on the Sevastopol Station, the first add-on pack, titled Corporate Lockdown, has been released for the game’s Survivor Mode.

Offering three new maps and a playable character whose name should ring a bell to fans who scoured the ship, Corporate Lockdown looks to offer more than a few more hours of slinking through another section of the station. It will provide a glimpse into Seegson Executive Ransome’s attempt at escaping to the Torrens with decoded Nostromo data across three challenge maps titled “Severance,” “Scorched Earth” and “Loose Ends.” Players will be timed, of course, giving them the chance to check their times against everybody else who finishes the maps.

Also new to the Corporate Lockdown pack is the addition of Gauntlet Mode, which tasks players with beating all three challenge maps back-to-back, without dying, as fast as they can. If you can’t get enough of proving your superiority to your friends, families and co-workers, then this new mode is definitely aimed at you.

Serving as the first of five planned add-on packs, Corporate Lockdown can be picked up for $7.99 on whichever platform you prefer. While the prospect of add-on DLC is always a little shady, it’s nice to see Creative Assembly adding so much content and additional lore to Alien: Isolation rather than sloppily pieced-together maps that have no rhyme or reason. Hopefully the next four packs (titled “Trama,” “Safe Haven,” “Lost Contact” and “The Trigger”) will continue to offer neat little asides like this one as well as multiple maps to explore.

Until then, though, enjoy your time with Executive Ransome and let us know how the new maps play in the comments! If you haven’t picked up Alien: Isolation just yet, check out our review and decide for yourself if it’s up your alley.