Alien: Isolation Dev The Creative Assembly Begins Hiring For “Another AAA Blockbuster”

alien: isolation

Few licensed games can hold a candle to the fidelity of Alien: Isolation. Having persevered through the clusterfuck that was Alien: Colonial Marines, fans of the sci-fi franchise were much more skeptical when it came around to The Creative Assembly’s first-person scarefest, but thanks to a nerve-shredding atmosphere and stellar sound design, the studio was able to serve up an Alien game to be proud of.

With developing duties wrapped up now that the post-launch DLC packs are in the hands of consumers, the British dev is beginning to reshuffle its resources with one eye trained on its next project, which is said to be another “AAA, multi-platform blockbuster.” That’s according to several job listings on The Creative Assembly’s official website, with one putting the call out for a online/multiplayer programer in particular.

“We are creating another multiplatform AAA blockbuster and the successful applicant will be part of a team which allows our game experience to be shared.”

It’s unclear whether the company is intending to breakaway from the sci-fi property and create a new IP or, on the other hand, focus on a direct sequel. Given the somewhat open ending of Alien: Isolation, there’s every possibility that The Creative Assembly would double down on the space-faring series. Whatever the case, if it were to be a sequel, it’s evident that the studio’s next title would be a departure from the isolating nature of last year’s horror hit, with the advertisement asking for a team that “allows our game experience to be shared.” Co-op Alien, perhaps?

Tell us, what do you think these job listings indicate? Do you believe Alien: Isolation needs a sequel? Let us know in the comments below.