New Alien: Isolation Extended TV Spot Calls For Help


In case you somehow managed to forget that Alien: Isolation is coming out soon (I don’t know how you could though given the absolutely insane amount of trailers and previews being released), we’re just barely over a week away from what will hopefully be a horrifying romp through space with everyone’s favorite Xenomorph. Since whipping gamers into a frenzy over the newest title in the series wasn’t enough exposure, Sega has just released an extended TV spot for the game in the form of a hopeless distress call.

It’s another excellent preview for what looks to be an exciting title. We get to see the terrifying design of the Xenomorph along with some hints at how the androids will come into play throughout the game. It’s already been made clear that there will be android enemies thrown into the fold, but their nature is still a bit fuzzy in how exactly they’ll hinder progress.

The presence of human enemies is also noteworthy, both as a source of distraction and as a source of tension. Obviously, drawing the alien to a group of baddies will be an important tactic to use, but given the intelligence the Xenomorph has shown thus far, it might just be another way to get yourself killed, along with the only other humans alive with you.

Although tons of trailers and gameplay previews have been released, it’s still hard to get a read on just what makes the alien tick, and I love the suspense of it all. I’ve been following Alien: Isolation all year and still don’t know what to expect once the game finally releases.

Rambling aside, don’t forget to watch the new trailer below. If you can’t wait to try your luck and survival skills against the Xenomorph, be sure to pick up Alien: Isolation when it comes out on October 7, and keep an eye out for our review.