Alien: Isolation Is Now Free On Epic Games Store, But Not For Long

Alien Isolation
Image via FX

Gamers in the mood for a nightmare-inducing adventure over the holiday season won’t want to miss out on this deal.

As part of a month-long promotion for all users of its dedicated service, Epic Games is giving away a big name title every single day, and you needn’t do anything over than create a free account in order to take full advantage of the developer’s goodwill. Doing so is as simple as downloading the Epic Games Store client and inputting your details, upon which you’ll be granted access to today’s freebie, Alien: Isolation.

A canon continuation of Ridley Scott’s iconic film series set 15 years after the original, Creative Assembly’s excellent survival horror has players take control of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, as she attempts to uncover what happened to her mother aboard the Nostromo. Upon being notified that the ship’s flight recorder has been retrieved in a recent salvage run, Amanda heads to the Sevastopol, a remote space station, to get the answers she so desperately seeks.

Alien Isolation

Nothing is ever that easy, of course, as Amanda soon discovers upon boarding Sevastopol proper. Seemingly abandoned, the younger Ripley encounters survivors who recount to her the intrusion of a Xenomorph and its subsequent rampage, resulting in the death of nearly everyone on board. For those who have yet to experience the terrors that await, we won’t spoil them for you, though suffice it to say that Amanda is never far from danger and must utilize everything at her disposal to come out alive in this high stakes game of cat and mouse.

Alien: Isolation is free to download until December 22nd, whereupon it’ll be replaced with another AAA blockbuster. Check back here at the same time tomorrow to find out what it is!