Alien: Isolation Heads To Nintendo Switch On December 5th


The timing might not be ideal – Halloween is nought but a distant memory by now – but Nintendo Switch owners are on course to receive a delightfully scary treat next month.

Alien: Isolation, Creative Assembly’s terrific survival horror released way back in 2014, is finally headed to the Big N’s hybrid device on December 5th. As is usually the case with ports of this nature, publisher Sega has contracted a different developer, Feral Interactive, to handle the upcoming port which, it appears, will be available only as a digital download via the console’s online eShop. Disappointing news for physical collectors, of course, but as with any title bought from the storefront, buyers will receive 175 Gold points (approximately $1.75) to put against any future purchases.

As for what comes bundled with the $34.99 price tag, a digital copy of the game, as well as all seven post-launch DLC packs are included. What’s more, Feral Interactive has gone the extra mile and implemented gyroscopic aiming for the re-release, as well as HD rumble for the sake of heightened immersion.

For those that missed out the first time around, Alien: Isolation casts players in the role of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda. Having never returned to celebrate her child’s 11th birthday, Amanda sets out on a journey to learn the whereabouts of her missing mother following the discovery of a flight recorder. Directed to the faraway Sevastopol space station for further answers, Amanda comes face to face with the very same threat that ultimately caused her mother’s death.

Unlike Gearbox Software’s critically panned Aliens: Colonial Marines, Creative’s efforts were lauded upon release for its creative design and perfectly capturing the foreboding atmosphere of Ridley Scott’s original film. It’s not perfect, by any means, but Alien: Isolation remains the best video game adaptation of the franchise to date.

Still on the fence? Find our review of the original release over here to help make your mind up.