Aliens: Colonial Marines Makes Contact In New Trailer

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines is now under a week away, and Gearbox is celebrating with a cinematic trailer that pulls players into the atmosphere of the space themed horror. Drawing inspiration from the classic Alien films, in cooperation with Fox Entertainment, has allowed Gearbox Software to create a truly unique extension to the films. With this in mind, Aliens: Colonial Marines is set to provide fans with a brand new narrative that greatly contributes to the lore of the Alien franchise.

The newest trailer instantly conveys the horror contained within the painstakingly recreated environments. Gearbox is working hard to ensure that players gain a greater sense of the claustrophobic atmosphere waiting for you in Colonial Marines. Environments are modeled after environments from the original Aliens film, and this even narrows itself down into original lighting techniques of James Cameron.

Stepping into the boots of the space marines is set to be as terrifying as watching the original films. Instantly, we get an overwhelming feeling of desperation as the marines helplessly attempt to defend themselves against the waves of Xenomorphs.

The most surprising aspect of the trailer is how the music powerfully emphasizes the sense of loss and death that surrounds the Alien universe. As we trace the Xeno’s path of destruction through the ship, the music tugs at your feelings, and creates a horrid feeling of melancholy. Multiple levels of death and destruction reveal themselves, and we see that no matter where the marines are, there’s no escape from the Xeno terror.

Gearbox is shipping Aliens: Colonial Marines on February 12th, so get your pulse rifles ready. What are your thoughts? Is it going to be a phenomenal extension of the Alien universe, or is it going to fall short of the awesomeness that it has the potential to bring? Make your voice heard in the comments below.