All Six Of Street Fighter V’s DLC Characters Will Be Playable In June’s Story Mode



A massive post detailing all of the content coming to Street Fighter V in June and beyond has been published on Capcom’s Unity blog, and boy, are there some tasty new details to be found within.

Besides the awesome poster below celebrating the upcoming release of the beat ’em up’s cinematic story mode, Capcom has revealed that all six of Street Fighter V‘s currently announced DLC characters will be playable in some form as part of the campaign. That means you’ll be able to use Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Juri, Balrog and Urien at some point throughout the “3-4 hour experience.”


The post says that the “SFV Story Expansion is a 3~4 hour experience titled “A Shadow Falls” and will be released at the end of this month as free DLC to all SFV players.”

In terms of specific story details, the publisher says that the narrative will bridge the gap between the events of Street Fighter IV and III, and will focus on the likes of Ken, Chun-Li and Ryu’s attempts to stop M. Bison from plunging the world into darkness.

The post concludes by confirming that the game’s Zenny currency system (currency purchased with real money) has been scrapped entirely, and will be replaced with the ability to buy characters, skins, and stages from Sony’s PlayStation Store and Steam. New characters will cost $5.99 each and stages $3.99.

For more information on all of the new content headed to Street Fighter V in June, you can read the post by clicking here.