All Teams and Streamers in the Minecraft MC Championship (MCC) 20

The Minecraft Championship is happening today, and fans of the game are anxiously waiting to see the teams compete against one another and the creative worlds they construct. The invite-only event hosted by Noxcrew features 10 teams who compete to win mini-games throughout the tournament.

As Dot Esports reports, the teams consist of 40 creative Minecraft gamers and influencers, and thousands of fans tune in to watch them compete against one another. Each team competes in 8 short games where they gain coins, and at the end of the rounds, the two teams with the most coins go head to head to see who wins the championship.

The Noxcrew website describes the event as follows:

In the MC Championship, ten teams of four go head to head in a variety of mini-games that test the core Minecraft skills: parkour, survival, combat, teamwork, and more. After eight games, the two teams with the most coins will go up against one another in one final matchup to decide the ultimate champion. MCC is a free-to-enter tournament with no prize money — we run it for fun, for our love of the Minecraft community, and making great things!

The YouTube channel All Things MCC shared a video highlighting the teams for this Minecraft Championship and even shared predictions as to what viewers can expect when they tune in for the 20th event.

The teams were also announced via Twitter on March 10, and fans began to Tweet their excitement about the championship. They quickly picked favorite teams as they saw which influencers and gamers would be placed on each squad.

The Red Rabbits

The Red Rabbits consist of Sapnap, Seapeekay, Nihachu, and Eret;

Cyan Coyotes

The Cyan Coyotes are made up of PeteZahHutt, GoodTimesWithScar, Ryguyrocky, and InTheLittleWood.

Orange Ocelots

The Orange Ocelots are made up of Punz, Purpled, ElainaExe, and CaptainPuffy.

Aqua Axolotls

Your Aqua Axolotls are Hbomb94, 5up, GeminiTay, and Antfrost.

Blue Bats

The Blue Bats are made up of Quig, Preston, awesamdude, and TheOrionSound.

Yellow Yaks

The Yellow Yaks consist of Illumina, SB737, Falsesymmetry, and Rendog.

Lime Llamas

The Lime Llamas are TapL, WilburSoot, Shubble, and Tubbo.

Purple Pandas

The Purple Pandas are Krtzyy, Sneegsnag, Ponk, and KaraCorvus.

Green Geckos

The Green Geckos consist of Ph1LzA, Ranboo, CaptainSparklez, and Smajor.

Pink Parrots

The Pink Parrots are made up of Fruitberries, TommyInnit, Jack Manifold, and ConnorEatsPants.

You can watch the event here and root for your favorite Minecraft influencers as they work to win Minecraft Championship 20 this afternoon. Here’s to a great tournament.