Concept Art Leaks From Scrapped Batman Game Featuring Damian Wayne

batman arkham knight

For too long, has the world’s greatest detective been absent from video games. Just shy of half a decade has already passed since 2015’s acclaimed Batman: Arkham Knight put the finishing touches on Rocksteady’s trilogy and it’s way past due that we learned of what the Caped Crusader has been up to all this time, is it not? Sadly, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Warner Bros. will ever provide that answer.

Rocksteady has since moved on to pursue a mysterious (that rumored Superman title turned out to be a non-existent) new project, leaving Arkham Origins developer Warner Bros. Montreal as the only potential candidate for a sequel. We’ve since learned that the latter is working on something DC-related, but whether it concerns the Dark Knight is another matter entirely. To cut a long story short, the existence of a continuation – or reboot – of the Arkham series is still up in the air, though newly-discovered leaks have provided our first glimpse of what a sequel could have looked like.

Several pieces of concept art purported to originate from a scrapped Arkham Knight follow-up have appeared online. Originally posted on message board 4Chan by an anonymous source, Twitter user Slcmof has since collected several of the assets in question into a single gallery, tweeting the following along with the photos:

Check out these images from the cancelled DC Batman Arkham game starring Damian Wayne. This game was most likely a Batman Arkham Knight sequel, but we cannot know for sure. Those of you that have followed the channel for a while recall me describing some of these.

As always, there’s every chance that what you’re looking at are little more than mock-ups created by a fan, though given the overall quality and familiar art style, many believe the leak to be genuine. Two-Face, Gorilla Grodd and Dick Grayson, among many other iconic characters, are present in the images, as too, are several environmental concepts depicting Gotham City. While never confirmed, rumors concerning a follow-up to Arkham Knight starring Damian Wayne have persistently circulated the internet in recent years.

Whatever the circumstances, it’s a sad day indeed, to see so much hard work go to waste. But do you think Batman: Arkham Knight‘s ending warranted a sequel, or was Rocksteady right to end the series when it did? Let us know in the usual place below!