Amazing New Live-Action Halo 4 Trailer Debuts

It feels like an age has passed since we were last in control of good old Master Chief, but the wait for the fourth Halo game is almost over. And as usual, those marketing geniuses over at Microsoft have prepared another brilliant live-action trailer to get everyone excited and willing to part with their wallets.

Considering that these things never actually contain any actual game footage, they’ve always done an amazing job of summing up the mood of the games and getting fans pumped.

The latest Halo 4 trailer, produced by David Fincher, pits Master Chief against a new enemy capable of peering into the very recesses of his mind. It also explores his childhood and induction to the apocalyptic proportions of war. As always, it’s a brilliantly-rendered blend of real-life and CG elements.

Halo 4 will continue the story right where the previous game left off, with both Master Chief and Cortana – having been floating through space for a good while – crash landing on a dangerous new planet and facing off against some terrifying new foes (those guys with the glowing orange faces).

This time around the game has been developed by 343 Industries instead of the usual Bungie. Its release date is currently set for November 6th.

How do you think this trailer fares against the previous ones? Has it managed to get you even more excited for Halo 4 or have all your expectations been shattered?

Source: First Showing