The Amazing Spider-Man Rhino Trailer

UPDATE: The game has since been given a June 26 release date.

Are you eager to check out what Beenox and Activision have in store for us, with their upcoming video game based on The Amazing Spider-Man? Well, look further. The companies just released a brand new trailer for the human arachnid’s latest digital adventure, which gives us a look at its representation of New York City.

Most of the aforementioned video features Spider-Man web-slinging his way through his beloved hometown, providing glimpses of at least one well-known landmark. But, it’s not all travel. The final moments also give us a look at a boss battle against a gigantic mech known as a rhino.

It will be interesting to see how Beenox adapts its formerly stage-based (and rather enclosed) gameplay mechanics for a sandbox release. I have faith in them considering how great Shattered Dimensions was going back a couple of years. Edge of Time wasn’t nearly as good, but it was still decent.

The Amazing Spider-Man video game is expected to release on July 3, alongside its theatrical film companion.

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