Amazon Germany Briefly Lists Grand Theft Auto V For PlayStation 4

grand theft auto v ps4 box art (slider)

This morning Amazon’s German website briefly posted a PlayStation 4 listing for Grand Theft Auto V, giving fans the first unofficial hint that a port of the latest installment in the GTA franchise could be in development for next-gen consoles.

The listing was pulled shortly after it was discovered by NeoGAF user Sn4ke_911, however, we were able to grab a screenshot of the page before it was removed from the website. As opposed to a simple place holder page, Amazon’s listing seemed to be in line with the current-gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V, and even included the PlayStation 4 box art for the game.

To our knowledge, the unannounced PS4 version of GTA V was the only next-gen listing on the Amazon Germany site. Before the page was removed we searched for PC and Xbox One listings, but came up empty handed.

Currently, Rockstar Games has only announced the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Grand Theft Auto V. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions have been speculated to be in development, however, they have never been officially confirmed by either Rockstar or Take-Two. The existence of the page on Amazon Germany’s website does not make a PC and next-gen port official, so this should still be considered a rumor until it is confirmed by the publisher.

The screenshot of Amazon’s Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4 listing and the box art can be viewed in the gallery below. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments. Is this just a placeholder listing or did Amazon let the next-gen cat out of the bag?