Amazon’s Giving Away 6 Free Games Right Now, But With A Catch


Amazon is hoping to help make May a bit less stressful while you’re quarantined. The company is currently offering 6 free games for you to delve into while you’re stuck inside riding out the pandemic, though as expected, there’s a catch – you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime member in order to claim any of the selected titles.

As a Prime member, you’ll have access to all 6 from now until the end of May, allowing you to download and keep them all forever. Come June, however, these titles will disappear and be replaced by some new ones, so make sure you grab them before the end of the month.

What games can you get your hands on right now? Well, first of all, you can slither on over and download the physics-based puzzle game, Snake Pass, which has been touted as one of the most unique and compelling entries in the genre over the past few years. Next up, you can snag the rhythm-action game Avicii Invector, where you’ll blast through levels alongside 25 of the DJ’s biggest hits. And if you’re into pulling off cool stunts, you can pick up Urban Trial Playground and have some fun with its crazy physics.


Need something more mellow? Charming adventure game The Little Acre might be right up your alley with its colorful, animated aesthetic and lovable characters. Afterward, you can fill yourself up with anxiety with Fractured Minds, a short title that shines a spotlight on mental health problems. Lastly, Pankapu might scratch any itch you have for some solid, challenging platforming.

Clearly, Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime are great deals on their own, but these 6 free games really sweeten things up, so you won’t want to pass on them. Especially now that you’ve got all this extra time on your hands.