Amplitude Delayed Into Early 2016



The Kickstarter-funded Amplitude reboot from developer Harmonix already suffered a delay from spring of this year to late summer, but the Rock Band creators have chosen to push the game back a few more months in favor of implementing more songs and features.

The PlayStation 4 version of the game will now launch in January 2016, with the PlayStation 3 version soon after. A recent post on the game’s Kickstarter page detailed some of the new elements that will be added during the extra development time, including upping the tracklist from 16 songs to 30 and hinting at a new way to play the game that will be revealed at a later point.

Kickstarter backers who qualified for the appropriate tier will still receive a code for Amplitude prior to the official release, which is currently set in December before the holidays.

We’ll continue to bring you more news regarding Amplitude as it becomes available, but for now, tell us, will you be picking this one up?

Source: Destructoid

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